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Retirement Readiness / Life Options Program

The 78 million baby boomers eligible for retirement in the next 20 years are redefining this last phase of life. This shift is starting to change how they organize their lives, how they relate to one another, how they use their money, their time and their talents. These changes include: what they believe retirement to be, how they think and feel about retirement, the decisions and choices they make about retirement, and what they actually do in retirement. They are asking: How do I want to spend the last 20-30 years of my life?

As organizations design and implement their planning strategies to address the upcoming workforce challenges and applicant shortages, their focus will be on two major areas: retention and recruitment. What can you do to assist your employees to get a realistic look at the feasibility of a successful full retirement right now?

Experience has shown that it is not just about the money. To create a satisfying and rewarding way of life, retirees need to find replacements for some of the other benefits received from their work - something purposeful to do, some time structure, a sense of personal worth and identity, and socialization to replace the daily interactions at work. These changes do not happen overnight. The journey from full time work to full time retirement will probably take many years.

Our "What's Next? - Retirement Readiness / Life Options Program" provides a way for individuals to assess their retirement readiness before their retirement actually begins. Many older employees approaching this last phase of their lives find they want or need to make some adjustments to their work schedules and responsibilities, but are not ready, emotionally or psychologically, to make a full break right away. With new and creative approaches to alternative work models, organizations can provide the flexibility needed to retain employees through a phase-out retirement plan. Everyone wins.

The Hughes Consulting Group provides individual retirement coaching, retirement workshops for groups, or a combination of both. Our programs, tailored to meet individual and organizational needs, include our online Life Options Profile, an assessment which measures 20 lifestyle and attitudinal factors for retirement, and our paperback book: What Color is Your Retirement?

For more information about our programs, please call us at 303-369-8998 or contact us by email.

Madeline Hughes, of the Hughes Consulting Group, is a Certified Retirement Coach and Career Consultant. She has been a coach and consultant to organizations and individuals since 1985. Combining a strong business background and broad experience in the human development arena, Madeline is committed to bringing a more wholistic approach to the workplace. Her warm, personal style of communication, combined with natural insight, enables her to inspire and motivate others to achieve personal and professional goals.

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