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Moving forward in a new way......

Accomplishments don't just happen. There are always three common elements found in any successful endeavor:

  1. setting a goal

  2. designing a path to reach it, and

  3. having the commitment to follow through

Whether you are part of a sizeable organization, a small business owner, student, soon-to-be-retiree, managing a household, or actively engaged in some meaningful endeavor, you are probably experiencing, anticipating or feeling the pressure to change in some area of your life or business. You may be setting new performance or profitability goals, introducing new products, adjusting staff size, working for and with new people, learning a new job, searching for one, or creating a brand new future.

Sometimes we just want to blow the lid off the top of our sales quotas, double our production, streamline team efforts, increase profits, be the #1 producer of the year, maximize our strengths, position ourselves in the marketplace, and learn how to deal with and minimize conflicts.

And sometimes the need for change comes from a deeper, more values-focused place within us. We are being nudged to do things differently, and start asking questions about job satisfaction, fuller self expression, honoring our values, making wise choices, finding freedom within our commitments, and designing a more wholesome lifestyle that better serves us. It's tough to stay focused on someone else's bottom line when something inside of us is prompting and pushing us to explore and open our mind to possibilities for a richer and more rewarding life.

Although "moving forward" may sound easy on paper, it is a challenge to actually implement new ideas and behaviors into our lives and businesses. Individually, and organizationally, our questions and comments seem to be the same. "I don't know what to do... I don't know where to start... I can't stay focused... I'm being pulled in so many directions... I don't know if I have the internal strength or courage to make the changes..." We all know it is easier to settle for the certainty of mediocrity than to let go of the past, step into the void, and reach forward into an unknown future.

What are your goals? What have you been wishing and hoping for? Are you ready for a jumpstart? Are you willing to do what it takes to reach them?

Coaching is about focusing on what you want, rather than on what you don't want. Research findings have shown that it takes three times more energy to support a negative state of mind such as resistance, frustration and dissatisfaction. How can you harness some of that energy and find a new direction for it?

Coaches can help you:
  • Create a personalized program for success
  • Gain clarity and awareness about personal and career goals
  • Sort through and analyze possibilities and options
  • Identify solutions to specific work-related issues
  • Make informed choices based on what is important to you
  • Design a workable, structured plan you can live with
  • Concentrate and stay focused on your priorities
  • Keep you on track and accountable to your agreed-upon plans
  • Brainstorm and work through challenges and problems
  • Make quicker and better decisions
  • Concentrate on efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Increase confidence and self esteem
  • Overcome personal limitations

It is usually a long way from having a desire or idea to actually reaching a point of accomplishment. A coach can provide structure and support to help you move forward with clear intention, focus and commitment.

Madeline Hughes, a Certified Retirement Coach and Career Consultant, has been a coach and consultant to organizations and individuals since 1985. Combining a strong business background and broad experience in the human development arena, Madeline is committed to bringing a more wholistic approach to the workplace. Her warm, personal style of communication, combined with natural insight, enables her to inspire and motivate others to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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