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EPIC, the Electronic Profile Information Center

Call the Hughes Consulting Group (303-369-8998).
Speak directly with our in-house consultant / trainer / owner to:

  • Learn more about how our EPIC system works
  • Get your questions answered in a timely manner
  • Consider switching from paper to electronic profiles
  • Learn procedures for setting up a new sub-account
  • Schedule a new account setup tour and briefing
  • Purchase EPIC credits for an existing sub-account.

EPIC Credits:

The suggested retail price of EPIC credits is $4.30 ea.
Call us to learn how you can save while providing world-recognized products for your organization. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for delivering personal, top-notch and timely customer service.

EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) is Inscape Publishing's product platform that provides a simple way to deliver profiles via the internet. Through an EPIC sub-account, organizations can use their training time more effectively. Employees complete their assessments online in advance of training sessions, ensuring that classroom time is used to its full advantage.

Features and Benefits of EPIC Profiles/Reports:

Enhanced Report Options:

  • EPIC DiSC scores profiles, saving time, increasing accuracy.
  • Reports (pdf format) introduce deeper levels of interpretation.
  • Platform offers reports unavailable in paper profiles.
  • Features include composite group results.
  • Generate free comparison reports from existing data.

Advantages of In-House System Administration:

  • Control the process internally.
  • Send, customize, print and store online assessments.
  • Manage the process for multi-location businesses.
  • Web-based system is available 24/7, every day.
  • Access to all online profiles available in our system.

EPIC Sub-Accounts:

We set up in-house sub-accounts for clients who are frequent users.
Advantages include:

  • Your internal system administrator controls access to profiles.
  • Issue access codes to anyone in the world, anytime, via email.
  • Administrators determine when respondents view profile results.
  • Customize report covers with your company information and logo.
  • Receive immediate notification of completed profiles.
  • We provide new account set-up and a walk through for new users.
  • Short and long-version User Guides are available.
  • EPIC sub-account credits never expire.

EPIC Credits:

The Inscape EPIC system is based on credits which can be used toward a wide variety of reports or profiles. See below for core products available on EPIC. Each report in the EPIC system is assigned a credit value. As access codes are distributed to respondents, EPIC credits are deducted from the balance in your EPIC sub-account.

Our core products use 10 or 15 credits; group reports for core products use 15 or 25 credits. Everything DiSC products use 15, 25 or 50 credits; group reports for Everything DiSC products use 25 credits.


The suggested retail price of EPIC credits is $4.30 ea.

Core EPIC DiSC and Other Products Available
See product descriptions and details below

Place an order, ask a question, or call us at 303-369-8998.  

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