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training and development programs individual and group coaching for positive motivation

When you provide individuals with the personal learning
resources to help them achieve their full potential,
you create success for the whole organization.

The Hughes Consulting Group uses Inscape Publishing paper and online profiles in a number of training and development programs, as well as for individual and group coaching.

Key products include DiSC® Classic Profile, Team Dimensions Profile, Time Mastery Profile®, and Personal Listening Profile®.

Our new Everything DiSC® products include Everything DiSC® Management Profile, Everything DiSC® Sales Profile, Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile, Everything DiSC® Workplace® Profile and Everything DiSC® 363® for Leaders.

Most people have a natural desire to understand themselves, to have successful relationships, to do good work, and to grow and prosper.  Inscape's learning instruments offer strategic features designed to positively motivate adult learners.

How you respond to the needs of your people today will determine your degree of success in achieving organizational goals tomorrow.

The greatest challenge organizations face in developing creative, motivated and productive individuals and teams is to get people actively involved in the learning process.

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