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Who We Are

Madeline Hughes

Madeline Hughes, Principal of the Hughes Consulting Group, has a broad range of business experience that includes over 20 years in human resource management, consulting and training on a local and national basis.

Madeline's expertise includes career transition, retirement readiness, strategic planning, aligning work teams, and coaching individuals and groups through the challenges of change. She has worked with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietorships.

Madeline's warm, personal style of communication, combined with natural insight, enables her to inspire, motivate and support others to achieve both their personal and professional goals.

The Hughes Consulting Group works with seasoned career and transition coaches who have consulted with hundreds of individuals and groups over the years.

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What We Do

  • provide consulting, coaching, facilitating and training services to organizations and individuals.

  • custom design flexible programs to meet the specific needs of our clients.

  • provide guidance and innovative solutions to ensure rapid and smooth transitions of groups and individuals.

  • tap into the resourcefulness and personal strengths of individuals to maximize performance.

  • align work groups and teams to enhance organizational effectiveness.

  • concentrate on producing outcomes while being sensitive to both individual and organizational needs.
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We Specialize In

Outplacement / Career Transition / Career Development
Baby Boomer Workforce Planning Strategies
What's Next? - Retirement Readiness / Life Options Program
Professional and Personal Coaching
Strategic Planning / Corporate Retreats
Team Alignment and Coaching
From the mailroom to the boardroom
it is critical to understand and manage the
human dimension of organizational change.

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Clients We Have Worked With

Sandia National Laboratories
URS Corporation
Los Alamos National Laboratories
Intel Corporation
General Electric Aircraft Engines
ING Financial
U.S. Department of Energy
First Security Bank of NM
Honeywell Power Systems
CSG Lucent
Santa Fe Pacific Gold Company
Express Scripts / Value Rx
Westinghouse Savannah River Co
General Electric Capital Corp

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