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Success Strategies.... from the inside out

In today's fast-moving, diverse and demanding workplace, long-term success is achieved by directly connecting proven human resource strategies to business objectives.

Most people have a natural desire to understand themselves, to have successful relationships, to do good work, and to grow and prosper. How you respond to the needs of your people today will determine your degree of success in achieving organizational goals tomorrow.

The greatest challenge organizations face in developing creative, motivated and productive individuals and teams is to get people actively involved in the learning process.

The Hughes Consulting Group provides consulting, training, and facilitation services to individuals, teams, and organizations. Our variety of offerings include some of our Inscape Publishing learning instruments (see Inscape Publishing Products) which are designed to positively motivate adult learners.

Sample Training & Development Programs

What's Next?
Retirement Readiness / Life Options Program

The 78 million baby boomers eligible for retirement in the next 20 years are redefining this last phase of life. Experience has shown that it is not just about the money. To create a satisfying and rewarding way of life, retirees need to replace some of the other benefits received from their work: something purposeful to do, some time structure, a sense of personal worth and identity, and socialization to replace the daily interactions at work. Our "What's Next? - Retirement Readiness / Life Options Program" provides a way for individuals to assess their retirement readiness before their retirement actually begins. Many older employees approaching this last phase of their lives find they want or need to make some adjustments to their work schedules and responsibilities, but are not ready, emotionally or psychologically, to make a full break right away. Our individual retirement coaching services and retirement readiness workshops are tailored to meet individual and organizational needs, and include our online Life Options Profile, an assessment which measures 20 lifestyle and attitudinal factors for retirement, and our paperback book: "What Color is Your Retirement?"

Baby Boomer
Workforce Planning Strategies

Although certain industries are already feeling the impact of the labor shortage caused by baby boomer retirements, the first big wave is expected to hit in 2010. The largest generation in America history, these boomers are turning 60 at the rate of one every 8 seconds. Now is the time to plan for the potential impact of our changing workforce. Retention / recruitment will remain the biggest problem facing Human Resources for decades to come, and future success will depend on the ability of employers to attract the best and the brightest from the many different groups that comprise the workforce. Highlights of our Baby Boomer workshop include: setting up a task force, surveying employee needs, evaluating existing work models, determining effective workplace strategies, and more.

Managing Work Expectations -
Transforming Attitudes

Work expectations are those things people consider likely to happen in their job situation, either now or in the future. Whether spoken or unspoken, met or unmet, expectations have a powerful impact on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and play a key role in driving our attitudes. In a typical employment situation, certain expectations - such as salary, hours and job duties - are clearly understood both by employer and employee. Other expectations (identified through the Inscape Publishing paper or online Work Expectations Profile) are intimately linked to the individual's concept of work and oftentimes go unacknowledged. Research shows that people who have clearly defined, well-communicated expectations find more satisfaction and success in their work than people whose expectations go unspoken or unrealized. And companies that employ satisfied, successful people reap the rewards of increased productivity and reduced turnover.

Reducing Conflict Through
Improved Communications

The foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding self, understanding others and realizing the impact of personal behavior on the people around you. Using the Inscape Publishing paper or online DiSC® Classic Profile, participants learn to identify their work behavioral style, create the motivational environment most conducive to success, increase their appreciation of different work styles, and anticipate and minimize potential conflicts with others. The DiSC® Classic Profile can also be used for building productive teams, developing effective managers, training a powerful sales force, and improving customer service.

Strategic Planning

Accomplishments don't just happen. There are always three common elements found in any successful endeavor: setting a goal, designing a path to reach it, and having the commitment to follow through. The purpose of this workshop is to assist groups and teams with a process to facilitate the creation or redesign of a new future -- charting a course for their team or organization. The process includes a confidential diagnosis to determine the present situation of the group; a situational analysis; isolating trends, patterns and themes; developing vision and mission statements; writing organizational goals and strategies; and creating an action plan. Post workshop work includes individual and group coaching.

Aligning Work Teams

This program is designed for a group of people who work together as a team to accomplish specific goals. The focus is on a unified, collaborative approach to evaluating and strengthening operating practices and procedures; and group strategies, structure, staffing and synergy. The specific content of the two days depends on the maturity of the team, key issues to be resolved and desired outcomes. Skill building areas can include: problem solving, decision making, confronting team issues, planning for and managing change, roles and responsibilities, goals clarification, holding effective meetings and interpersonal communications.

Capitalizing On Individual Strengths
For Total Team Performance

Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. A clear understanding of individual roles, in the process of working together toward a common goal, is the first step to creating high performance teams. Using the Inscape Publishing paper or online Team Dimensions Profile, participants identify their individual approach to teamwork, clarify roles and reinforce strengths of all team members, understand and encourage team innovation and problem solving, and achieve high-performance team results through effective individual contributions.

Developing Effective Leaders
At All Levels Of The Organization

Collapsing organizational hierarchies and increasing workforce diversity have dramatically altered our understanding of leadership. Leadership is no longer seen as one defining role at the top of the business pyramid. Today, leaders and followers interchange roles as the situation demands. Using the Inscape Publishing Dimensions of Leadership Profile, participants discover what they value in themselves as a leader, learn the type of leader they want to follow, and determine the dimensions of leadership needed by their organization to meet its challenges.

Improving Productivity Through
Effective Time Management

Time management is really self-management. It requires a clear understanding of personal goals and priorities, and targeted skills that help put time on your side each and every day. The pressure to find innovative ways to achieve goals, pay attention to the competition, respond quickly to customer needs, and enjoy life outside of work is even more intense in today's less structured, information-driven workplace. Using the Inscape Publishing paper or online Time Mastery Profile, participants assess their current time management effectiveness. They then use the built-in workbook as a framework to develop customized strategies for skills improvement in key areas.

Discovering Diversity:
Exploring Differences in the Workplace

Our increasingly diverse society is reflected in growing workforce diversity. Leading organizations acknowledge that working successfully with others who don't share the same background, beliefs or traditions is a top priority in the new workplace. The Inscape Publishing paper or online Discovering Diversity Profile is a confidential and effective way to help employees explore diversity issues. Participants discover their personal comfort level with people different from themselves, understand the impact of their behavior on others, assess the accuracy of their knowledge about differences, limit the influence of stereotypes, reduce conflict, transform knowledge into acceptance and empathy, and embrace diversity as a source of organizational strength.

Understanding Personal Listening Approaches

Good communication is one of the most valued skills in the workplace. And effective listening is basic to communicating productively inside the organization and meeting the competitive challenges outside. Using the Inscape Publishing paper or online Personal Listening Profile, participants discover their preferred listening approach, understand the focus, motivation and behavioral indicators of the five listening approaches, appreciate the value of different listening approaches in various settings, develop effective listening strategies, and create a development plan to improve overall communications.

Achieving Life Balance -
Coping & Stress Management

To avoid the peaks and valleys of productivity created by high stress and burnout, you need employees who know how to balance the urgent demands of work and personal life without sacrificing either. The Inscape Publishing Coping & Stress Profile used in this workshop is a unique learning instrument that connects stress and coping in four life areas: Personal, Work, Couple and Family. Learners gain important insights into how stress in one life area impacts other areas, how coping resources in one area can be used to decrease stress in another, and how stress, coping resources and overall life satisfaction are closely related. Research shows that people who develop and use relationship coping resources manage their stress far more effectively than people who rely only on personal coping resources, like diet and exercise.

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