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The Hughes Consulting Group, of Denver, Colorado is a recognized leader in the career transition, career development and human resources consulting fields. We provide personalized, quality services and products to assist individuals and organizations to effectively position themselves to compete in today's challenging and dynamic marketplace.

Moving into the Future

In the twenty-first century, individual and organizational success will depend, more than ever before, on people working together effectively in fast-paced, technologically based environments. The pressure will be intense to communicate productively, turn ideas into action quickly, and deliver results consistently. As the pressure builds, and as the Internet continues to change the way we do business, we are adapting, real time, to meet these new demands.

Our standard programs of the past are now the starting point from which we custom design individual and group services to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of our clients. Our practical, yet innovative, approach is effective in assisting people to move forward with clear intention, focus and commitment.

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